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  •  First off there is no real political will (0+ / 0-)

    to repeal the entire ACA. That's reality.
    Secondly, trying to repeal the ACA ala carté would be such a heavy lift it's never going to happen - no matter what Hatch might think.
    Additionally, the entire argument that the 60 vote rule protects good legislation is bogus. The 60 vote rule prevents good legislation. I've already pointed out how it was preventing the good ACA from being passed until they went to a 51 vote procedure.
    That leads to my final point.
    Your first comment was how did the 60 vote rule impact ACA legislation. I answered that.
    Having received an answer to that question you then switched to a NEW question. You never bothered to even acknowledge my answer to your original question. Seems like you're just afraid of change and making it up as you go along.

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