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  •  We need a well-publicized WALL OF SHAME. (17+ / 0-)

    Bill Moyers is doing yeoman's work in getting this information out from various investigative journalists.  But this needs to be spread FAR and WIDE.  One of the best ways to stop this vile conduct by our own politicians and their lobbyist enablers is to make their names and their reprehensible conduct known.  They won't stop this crap as long as it can be hidden from most Americans.  Damn this makes me furious!  These jerks in Congress running their mouths about how Medicare costs MUST be reined in while letting this kind of filth go on right under their noses is outrageous.  I hope that Rep. Welch and his group can be successful.  But I have to admit that I fear that they will be cut off, bottled up and that their praise-worthy effort will be quietly killed.

    "A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more." - from the prophet Jeremiah

    by 3goldens on Fri Jan 25, 2013 at 10:44:30 AM PST

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