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View Diary: GOP chairman tries out new pitch for wooing African Americans and Latinos (71 comments)

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    Republicans really should change the name of their party to reflect reality. The "Tin Ear Party" would be most appropriate because, as they have demonstrated for many, many years, they simply are incapable of actually listening to voters with any degree of accuracy. They lose elections after their party nominates racists, bigots, homophones and sexists to office and then complain afterwards that minorities and women didn't hear their message correctly. The fact is that minorities have accurately been hearing their message loudly and clearly for many years. The Republican Party has simply chosen to puts its collective fingers in its ears and sing in unison..." can't hear you."

    The Republican Party has been blatantly and shamelessly disrespectful to virtually every single major constituency group except one...billionaires. Billionaires are the only people they listen to. Everyone else gets the old..." can't hear you" routine.

    And this latest attempt by Preibus to try to trick people into voting for them is likely to have the same impact as the party's previous so-called "outreach" efforts: none.
    Because their so-called "outreach" efforts, while being called "outreach" are, in fact, "flip-the-bird-in-their-face" efforts consisting of nothing more than continued...blatant disrespect."

    If this kossack cared one bit about the Republican Party, we'd me screaming this from on high. However...please..just let them continue on...because...the country will be better off without the likes of the Republican Party.

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