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View Diary: Michael Moore Speaks Out on Zero Dark Thirty (85 comments)

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  •  Art? Arse more like (0+ / 0-)

    I watched it with my "professional eyes" on as I used to work as an intelligence analyst on operational and strategic level intelligence operations.

    The first part is just a long symphony of torture porn. There is enough criticism about that around without my input.

    The second segment is the most unrealistic drivel ever to have shoddily represented how intelligence operatives and analysts actually work. Utter f*cking unrealistic cliched crapola without getting any one single detail of the process right, from the workspaces to the methodologies to the personnel. And any intell operative who acted like the female lead would get put on suspension faster than spit. Plus once her mate got blown up and she was found in the office in a weepy heap she would have been considered as compromised emotionally and thus quickly re-assigned. Its just utter crap, from the dumb photo wall cliche to the overly emotive characters.

    Then there is the final segment - the hit op. Apparently filmed by drunkard idiots with no concept of how to make a chaotic operation into a coherent and thrilling ride for the viewer. No....we instead have a choppy smorgasbord of cackola and murky vision gun wank that ends in a pop gun pfffft letdown of epic fail proportions.

    Its utter f*cking dross from start to end.

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