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    weck, Horsefeathers, JeffW, freerad, kbman

    I haven't posted a comment in a millennia and I'm sure plenty that I did weren't all that.
    Nonetheless, I can't help but comment on your fantastic ode to your "puppins" as I call 'em.
    Dogs can just make life better. It's not a certainty perhaps but I think it's pretty close.
    I love that you have multiple names for your dogs (I thought I was an anomaly)! My dog Jack, or Noodle, as he's currently called, went through several nicknames most of which still crop up on a regular basis. Through his puppyhood, I dubbed him "The Senator" as I am from KY and most of his motives seemed to be at cross purposes with my own: )
    As he got older and smarter I dubbed him "Senator Booberry Babycorn Broughten III". Why? He was still "senatorial", loved Blueberries, nibbled (or babycorned) me ferociously, and "brought it" in the most absurd sense ever.  The III was just for the opportunity to laugh (instead of cry) at Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.
    Noodle is now, as he was then, the light of my life.

    Thanks for your dog love diary!

    I'd post a pic but don't know how from an iPad.

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      I have three dogs. They are all lab mixes. My old guy is named Buster. It was his name when I adopted him as a 5 year old. He's now 13. He's also known as Boodle, Boo, Mr. Boo, Baroo, Boo Baroo, Buster Baroo, and The Baroovian Prince. Oh, and Officer Buster. He is a very sweet dog who lovingly guards me and my landlady, and who becomes very upset in the presence of any kind of confrontational energy. Even if two other dogs are playing kind of rough, he barks at them incessantly just as he does if people are expressing anger.

      I also have Luscious, also known as Luscious Houdini, Baby Girl, Mama Luscious, Luscious Laroo, and Princess Luscious. I know I shouldn't have favorites, but she is.

      Her son is named Reds, Red Dog, Redsaroo, Rude Dog, Roodle, The Red Menace, and Redsy. Next Saturday will be Reds' 4th birthday. He was a Groundhog's Day puppy. I hadn't intended to keep him, but he had other ideas and refused to be nice to anyone who came to see about adopting him.

      Free: The Authoritarians - all about those who follow strong leaders.

      by kbman on Fri Jan 25, 2013 at 08:52:21 PM PST

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