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View Diary: For Me, Gun Control Is Personal. Very Personal. (274 comments)

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  •  I have FB "friends" who are Arkansas, OK, (27+ / 0-)

    KS people who post a lot of stuff about God, Guns and God and Guns.  Yesterday one posted a video of Pete Williams from NBC getting the facts of the Newtown shooting very wrong only a couple of days after the event - when everyone was getting the details wrong.  He was upset about all of the "lying".  The video centered around an erroneous report that there were no semi-automatic weapons involved and had thousands of comments attached - many of which were not only the anti-gun safety nuts, but also people who believe the conspiracy theory that the event never happened.

    I sat pissed off for about an hour trying to decide what to say - whether or not to say anything at all - and thinking "these people are so fucking dumb".

    After a time I posted.  I explained that the story was wrong because it was a very early report.  Pointed him to a more recent and reliable source at the Hartford Courant.  I closed by saying that there were real people who were tragically traumatized and wounded by this event.  That he knew that I existed and I hoped he would take my word for the fact that the people in that area also exist as I know people who live there who are all hurting and very, very sad because the event - horror - was very real - not some conspiracy created to take any one's guns.  I closed by saying that I hoped that they were praying for these people, their families and everyone touched by his tragedy at their church.

    A while later he posted in response thanking me for providing clarity on how wrong that video clip was and assured me that they were praying for the people of Western Connecticut at their church.

    Maybe I've done some good.  But seeing his post suggests to me that this is going to be a tough battle because there are manipulative people out there who are spreading lies and that's just really awful.

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