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View Diary: For Me, Gun Control Is Personal. Very Personal. (274 comments)

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  •  and this is civil discourse? Wow. (0+ / 0-)

    I know lots of gun owners in my rural central California county.  Many are women who live alone.  I'm a 50-something female and I own a few guns.  My husband doesn't particularly like guns, but he supports my hobby.  I am neither insecure nor do I suffer from a small dick or a smaller brain.  

    The insults piling up around here have pretty much sent me away from this site for awhile - similar to leaving during the HRC piefights.  I check in from time to time to see if the discourse is improving.  No.

    How many diaries have we seen on DKos about the encroaching police state (check my UID, I've been here awhile)?  Tons.  The government's ever-expanding power is well document. See e.g. Glenn Greenwald, now of Salon.  It's not all that paranoid to distrust the government.

    Once again, I will have to take my leave.  I'm tired of being insulted.

    And before someone posts "but you're not tired of dead children!!!"  remember that my gun ownership did not and never will kill any children.

    •  You see nothing but your own... (5+ / 0-)

      narrow needs.

      Sorry. The government is not "the enemy." They are not secretly trying to turn us into a police state. Get a grip on reality. Your view is NOT IT.

      I DON'T CARE that YOUR GUN didn't kill any children. Your support of the NRA and their ability to allow semi-automatic weapons available for the masses HELPED THIS PSYCHOPATH in Newtown murder 6 year old children. Whether you have the intellectual ability to understand your direct connection to this kind of thing or not is not the issue. It's your continued support for this kind of gun ownership in the wake of THE DEATH OF DOZENS OF SIX YEAR OLD CHILDREN. Give me a break.

      There were a great many German citizens who supported Hitler. They believed him when he told them Jews were the enemy of the German people. People will believe anything. It doesn't necessarily mean its true. What you support says something. You can't just disconnect it because you don't want to be insulted.

      "It doesn't matter whether you win or lose. It's how you ladle the gravy." - Felix Ungar

      by Verbalpaintball on Sat Jan 26, 2013 at 06:52:47 AM PST

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