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View Diary: Some fundies claim flies buzzing around Obama are proof he's the devil (44 comments)

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    I'm not a Christian but was raised amongst Christians and it's obvious to me the Jesus was a holy man. A man of the people who loved those who struggled in life-poor, sick, blind, even prostitutes. He represents deep love, understanding, and compassion to me. I love that saying "what would Jesus do".

    That people who call selves Christians can judge our President as they do to that very far extent WITHOUT seemingly any self examination always astounds me. That Obama doesn't want to end Medicare as we know it, that he wants to continue social safetynet programs for the most vulnerable--how they cant see that as being the act of someone in line with being a Christian is perplexing to me.

    It is not my place as a nonChristian but it's hard to not see it as a smear to all the good Jesus was when these people who hate call themselves Christian. It must be very difficult for you as a Christian to see this.

    You know the expression "take the lords name in vane". It's like their hateful actions and speech while calling selves Christian take THEIR lords being-ness in vane. I am sure there is a better way to put it but they are a dissapointment in their lack of lovingkindness at least to me. I always have trouble with hypocracy, though.


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