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View Diary: Harry Reid is beyond a backstabber (40 comments)

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  •  Exhibit A: Richard Corddray at the CFPB (6+ / 0-)

    McConnell will block the appointment and gut the agency.

    Reid has essentially handed control of the Senate to McConnell. I don't understand why anyone would do a thing like that.

    There are only three possibilities:
    1. McConnell traded filibuster reform in exchange for some votes on key legislation.
    2. Reid really doesn't give a damn about America, and his brand of politics is really just a cynical game played by millionaires for their own amusement.
    3. Reid is an idiot, who actually believed that the Republicans can keep a gentleman's agreement, instead of pushing the rules to the absolute limit.

    I've thought through each of these possibilities, and I think number 2 seems the most likely. Reid actually is okay with the Senate doing nothing.

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