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View Diary: $6.6 Trillion Retirement Savings Deficit Shows 401(k)'s No Replacement for Pensions (47 comments)

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    One million a year is pretty much rock-bottom salary for an executive these days.  But one salary at $1 million is equal to 40 order clerks (doing the actual work) at $25K.  Now figure that most execs make at least 10 million.  Suddenly you have a 400-clerk call center.  So it looks to me like the money spent on one high-rolling executive is pretty much the entire operational cost of a reasonable-sized money-churner.  And all the execs do, is act as pimp and bully-boy for the company.  They Sell, they glad-hand, they Look Good In Public and they beat everyone below them bloody, psychologically speaking.

    It does give you some insight into what our society actually values, in a practical sense.  The abilities to lie and to dominate others are very well-recompensed.

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