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    So what is the fundamental difference between ground/processed corn (cornstarch) and processed sand as a thickening agent? One is "food" and one is not? But what makes something a "food"?

    Until 1850, cornstarch was considered an industrial product. Yet very few today would bat an eye at using cornstarch.

    The argument that a substance is used in [bad thing] is actually a gross fallacy. And as you surely know, the dose makes the poison. Comparing pure fumed silica to the very small amount used in something like ketchup is not a proper scientific argument.

    On labeling, though, I wholly agree. Everything should be listed so people can make informed choices. I would never want anyone to eat something they don't want to eat. (As i under stand, it's not that they are prohibited from listing fumed silica, they just don't have to).

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