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  •  Murder in America is really bad (8+ / 0-)
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    when the only murders worth discussing involve multiple bodies, especially in upper class white neighborhoods.

    That in itself is a major symptom of too damned many guns floating around in the hands of idiots and ignorant frightened people.

    These people are dying as sacrifices so that the gun manufacturers can sell more guns. Guns for the consumer market create a real marketing problem for the manufacturers. A gun is a permanent thing. It doesn't wear out. No "planed obsolescence." Once you build and sell a gun, that market is filled.

    So the market has to be expanded. How? Make people afraid and offer more guns as totems to reduce their fear.

    Guns are merely totems because even in the hands of professionals guns rarely protect anyone. More guns cannot protect people from guns and more guns. A gun in a holster is nothing more than a symbol of intimidation.

    The NRA is the gun manufacturer's organization to stoke that fear. But the mass of unnecessary guns across the nation is the core of the problem, along with the profit-making organizations that make and sell the guns.

    The US Supreme Court has by its actions and rhetoric has ceased to be legitimate. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - over

    by Rick B on Sun Jan 27, 2013 at 10:25:15 AM PST

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