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  •  Michigan May Be the National "Leader" (10+ / 0-)

    According to Rachel Maddow last night--and this rings true with me--the Michigan legislature may be the first to pull the trigger on a version of this travesty.

    In the lame duck session in December, MI lawmakers (both houses Repub) proposed and passed 42% of the legislation passed, in toto, of their two-year (full-time) session. Including a new law to replace an Emergency Manager law that disenfranchises elected municipal and school boards that was shot down convincingly by referendum in the November 2012 election. Vote against our law? Ha! We'll just pass a new one!

    Now they've proposed something similar to what just died in VA. Same (direct-from-ALEC) bullshit talk about not letting urban areas unduly influence elections.

    This is huge. Why aren't people lighting torches and pitchforks in Lansing?

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