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  •  Thankfully I get asked to write fewer letters than (3+ / 0-)

    Thankfully I get asked to write fewer letters than you do. When asked, though I usually tell the student generally what sort of letter I feel I would be able to write for them. Something like "I am happy to write you a letter (actually a lie) but keep in mind you got a B- in my upper level class and in my opinion that grade was an accurate reflection of your work in the class. I always try play up an individual's strengths, but if there are other professors who might have seen more of those strengths than I have...." Sometimes they still want the letter, sometimes they don't.

    In my field, if you don't get into one of the top 25 or so programs in your sub-field, there won't be a tenure track job on the other side. Even students from the top 3 schools have no guarantee of ever finding tenure track jobs (much less ones at good schools or at least bad schools in good places). Definitely not worth it to go into debt at all. In fact, you could probably sit in on the seminars for free and hire an advanced grad student to tutor you if you are just interested in the subject.

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