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View Diary: Concealed carrier accidentally shoots wife in Kansas restaurant (273 comments)

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  •  Increased safety for all. (1+ / 0-)
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    Since I don't conceal carry, I'm glad that there are others like the gentlemen at the steakhouse who do. We have a hero who clearly knows his way around a firearm and would smoothly take out any "bad guys" who might aim to ruin my steak dinner. It's like that "herd immunity" thing with vaccines. I'm protected because of studs like this guy who master their weapons and are "ready for anything." Sheesh. Now I'm starting to feel like a free-loader. Maybe I need to take my civic duties a little more seriously and start carrying a piece. We just can't have too much safety.

    •  Hey, don't be a panty-waist. 2 holstered to each (0+ / 0-)

      thigh, 2 in ankleholsters, 2 under the armpits...that's the way to be a real '6-gun' shooter.  

      Be truly prudent and don't forget to find the sort of Class III body armor that looks good enough to wear dining out. Now if you're really considerate, you'd provide your spouse or date with full-length body armor too, preferably some that extends below the knees to avoid those embarrassing accidental thigh-shots. A second benefit for her is that no-one can tell if she's keeping a dime between the knees, unless it happens to drop onto a hard surface...and then, well, it's a tip for the cleaning staff.

      Look, we aren't done reaching the extremes with this sort of racing thought process. There may be convergence of thought around the issues of women's safety and rapists.  

      Couldn't all rapists and mashers be effectively stopped forever if women were required to carry Mac 10 or Uzi machine guns at all times? Men still shouldn't be allowed such weapons, but we'd allow the women to get the machine gun licenses for $1 after a summer of basic training, any time after age 11.  Yes, just imagine a world where by the time young women enter the 6th grade fully trained in school in how to use these full-auto machine guns, to maintain them, and to spot potential rapists. We'd surely have a return of males to full-jacketed, polite gentlemenly behavior, young men more mindful of their own mortaility and perhaps having to meet their Maker(s).  

      Imagine how safe you'll feel if your daughter heads out on a date with her Mac 10 slung over her sholder, hanging by her hip with that spiffy purse/holster/cell phone holder combo go-bag.  Okay, so I'd be a bit concerned about what might happen in malls when there is a big sale or scarcity of of some much desired fashion item, or some made-up Jenny shakes her booty and flirts with your boyfriend (or girlfriend). Also, guys, ths is serious.  If any Mac-10 armed girl asks you out, you do have to go out at least once, for the sake of the rest of us, and you're paying of course. We're going to have to face the need to keep all these well-armed females satisfied.  

      Finally, we'll have no more worries about the weaker sex thing. Although schools & churches will need to teach that if Sarah wears that killer tight sweater & skirt or dress to school or church again, it's not an excuse to open up fire upon her. Leave that up to the teacher.  She should of course get a couple written warnings first, maybe sent home or suspended before anything really drastic is done.

      Funny thing is, I live in a state with recently passed  concealed carry laws, but where it's still not legal to carry pepper spray or a Taser, a baton or an electrified baton or flashlight, for personal defense!  I blame the NRA! Where's our dang freedom to keep and bear a Non-Lethal Weapon?

      When life gives you wingnuts, make wingnut butter!

      by antirove on Sun Jan 27, 2013 at 01:00:16 PM PST

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