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View Diary: Proof that Wayne LaPierre is unhinged (135 comments)

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  •  Anybody who reads the illogical disjointed (16+ / 0-)

    speeches he has given recently, realizes he is certainly not a well organized thinker.

    It is impossible not to think that a thinking person would not be moved by Newtown and other cold blooded murders of strangers.

    It is impossible not to know that a rational person would not suggest that increasing a dangerous often deadly threat is the solution that will decrease the exact thing one is increasing.

    You are not safer from sharks when the number of sharks in the water near you is increased.
    That is not only failed logic it is factually untrue.
    And to claim that it is and then seed public waters with sharks is beyond simply being unhinged.

    I think he is into Idi Amin territory.

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