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    I spent the summer between high school and college working as the "saloon pianist" in a small Wild West Town theme park where they did three daily "gunfights", little staged Western skits that always ended with a shootout.

    However, prior to every performance, one of the cowboys would give a gun safety lecture (there were obviously lots of little kids), explaining that what they were doing was staged and planned to be safe, and that if you ever came across a gun you should not touch it, you should tell a grown-up right away because they're dangerous and not toys.

    Then, they'd explain that even a blank can still do harm.  To demonstrate, they'd get an aluminum can and shoot it at point blank range with a blank gun, and of course it would obliterate the can.  It always got a good gasp, and I think everyone left those shows knowing that even a blank bullet is nothing to play with.  

    Then they'd do one of the several bad-guys-come-to-town-and-the-sheriff-takes-care-of-business scenarios and I'd play the Maple Leaf Rag and dream of better things to come.

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