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View Diary: Could this Arizona pinhead be the worst legislator in America? (89 comments)

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  •  au contrair! smith is one of your smartest (10+ / 0-)

    legislators. the "tell" is his full-time job: PR man. he doesn't give a rat's ass if any of his proposed legislation gets passed, or even voted on. since most of it is probably unconstitutional to begin with (which he knows), it would be quickly struck down, even if it did pass. again, not the point. the point is, this stuff gets him lots and lots and lots of free publicity, publicity he could never, in his wildest, wettest dreams, afford to pay for.

    he runs a talent agency, in AZ. not to be rude, but AZ isn't exactly known for its huge entertainment industry. neither is va, so don't take offense. if it weren't for the publicity state rep. smith has received, how many people, beyond the 4 block radius from his office, would even know he exists? zilch, that's how many. he'll get clients from this, trust me, and that's all he wants.

    he will leave, when his seeming lunatic proposals no longer make the papers or airwaves. he's a grifter, like pretty much every other republican.

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