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  •  I was in Occupy in FL from the beginning, and (0+ / 0-)
    But by the time I got involved with Occupy, we had already gotten to the point that making any kind of a national plan was essentially impossible because people were so focused on decentralization as an ethical stance.
    this was a problem right from the start.  Occupy was, as a whole, naive and inexperienced.  It had very few experienced organizers, and because of the silly lengths it took the whole "no leadership !" thingie, it didn't listen to the few that it had. A bad ending was inevitable. When the ship is intentionally built rudderless, there's no way to avoid the rocks. (shrug)

    One good thing Occupy did accomplish was to produce a new crop of organizers who have now been through the ringer and gained some real-world practical experience. Of all the reasons why Occupy appeared in the first place, none of them have gone away. So the movement will be back, inevitably, sooner or later.  It may not be Occupy that leads the new charge, but whatever the next movement is, its active core will have come out of Occupy. Time now for those organizers to learn from our mistakes, and move on from there.

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