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View Diary: Fusion Microchips - Power for the Future? (20 comments)

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  •  Huh? (5+ / 0-)

    Getting nuclei to fuse is simple.

    Getting net power out of it is not.

    There's nothing I see here suggesting that there's been any kind of breakthrough on the power collection/management problem.

    Farnsworth Fusactors have been built by quite a few people, including high school students. They readily collide hydrogen (or deuterium or ...) nuclei together, yielding fusion (and its byproducts, including X-rays, neutrons, ...). Getting net power out of them, however, is another issue entirely.

    The bulk of these various reactors is not required to get fusion, it's required to get the energy losses down to manageable levels, to extract more energy than is put in.

    Whatever breakthrough this comprises, it doesn't do anything to address the basic problems confronting fusion power.

    •  You beat me to it. (1+ / 0-)
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      The patent application, which it isn't clear that the author read, says the device "...might serve as a miniature neutron and/or X-ray source for applications including interrogation of packages containing fissile material, a high power efficiency source for collimated ionic streams for medical therapy applications, as a device to provide medically and industrially relevant isotopes, and others." Nowhere does it speculate that it could be used as a net power generator or use the words "break even" like he does liberally in the diary.

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