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View Diary: "One Million Moms" vs. a NYT must-read: "Selling a New Generation on Guns" (151 comments)

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  •  Adam Lanza's (Newtown Shooter's) Mother (3+ / 0-)
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    bontemps2012, Debby, lyvwyr101

    decided that teaching her troubled anti-social son to shoot and handle firearms was a good idea.

    I'm surprised that bobswern didn't mention that factoid in his diary - did the New York Times?

    I don't subscribe so I can't see the article.

    •  the link takes you there (2+ / 0-)
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      bontemps2012, lyvwyr101

      or it did it for me whereas going to the times itself blocked me.

      I don't think that we can deny all people the right to teach their kids how to handle and shoot "regular" hand guns and rifles safely because Adam Lanza's mother either had no idea her son would end up in the state of mind he did or used extremely bad judgement. There might be some things that could be done through regulation to prevent that sort of tragic mistake. I strongly believe that some of the organizations recruiting kids to advocate for further out of control gun rights and unregulated "freedoms" are NOT the ones to be teaching them.

      •  The proposition above suggests (5+ / 0-)

        that these gun advocates are interested in teaching all children in schools about guns.  I think that Adam Lanza is a perfect argument against that idea.  People wanting to teach their kids as a private, personal family decision is a different question.  However, I do believe that there should be limitations on what kinds of firearms kids would be allowed to have and supervisory regulations.  Let's face it, the frontal lobe (where empathy and a sense of mortality are housed in the brain) is not fully formed until people are in their early 20's.  There are reasons that our society has opted to define adulthood at 18 having to do with both protecting kids and protecting the society.

        Giving a 15 year old an AK-whatever to run wild with is madness.  One need only to look at the history of the civil war in Cambodia where they enlisted teen-agers to fight their war expressly because they were at an age where their conscience and sense of mortality were at a low point in their development.

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