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View Diary: Republicans Are Happy With California Governor Jerry Brown (65 comments)

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  •  When I think of sound fiscal management.... (2+ / 0-)
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    Hannibal, louisprandtl

    ..I think of California. Not.

    You clowns out there (both parties) screwed things up so badly that you were bankrupt, offices had to shut down, and checks couldn't clear the bank. Billion dollar deficits were the rule, and horrific cuts in social services were unavoidable.

    Brown has put the state back on its feet. And everyone has had a part in it. Sorry if this bursts your bubble, but there's something good about raising sales taxes (in addition to income taxes in the higher brackets), because everybody is paying to regain the state's solvency. Everybody has some skin in the game, and everybody will demand responsible spending.

    State revenues are still down, and there are still places in the state with 15% unemployment and higher. When revenues increase - as the economic recovery begins to take hold - there will be the opportunity to fix the holes in the social safety net.

    Brown has the Republicans scared shitless. He has taken their number one issue - fiscal sanity - and shredded it. They have become irrelevant.

    Kossacks and other progressives in California should take a page from Occupy Sandy and begin - on their own - helping to provide shoes for the children JesseCW says he has seen walking to school with holes in their shoes. As a community, we should do more than bitch.

    JesseCW is right. After five years of the great recession, there are terrible needs in California. My own family members out there grow enough food for themselves on our small rural property, and give the rest to food banks. We can all do something. And we all should.

    Jerry Brown has put California on a castor oil and spinach diet. It sucks. But the state will - after decades - regain its fiscal health.

    Like they tell you on the airplane, put your own oxygen mask on that you will be able to help others. The state must be solvent and strong, so that it can pay its bills and help others.

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