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  •  The incident of Gus and the sinking reentry (3+ / 0-)
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    capsule was nearly fatal for him as well.
    The astronauts were supposed to leave the capsule in case it did sink. (the capsule has an inflatable raft that was supposed to deploy and didn't.) They were to remove their helmets and rely on their suits keeping them afloat.  There was an internal collar in the suit that, I guess inflated, was supposed to keep sea water from filling the suit, but it didn't work somehow.

    I remember watching the recovery live on TV.  The first spotter copters hovered over Gus as he sank lower and lower in the water, waiting for the pick up boat to arrive.

    The higher ups may have wept over the lost capsule but the rest of the world didn't give a flip, it was watching the human nearly go under that mattered.

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