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    I was almost 10 for Apollo 1.  I wept for days.  My dad was a flight engineer for National Airlines at the time and a WWII vet.  We were both really interested in the space program, he because most of the astronauts were military vets who flew for the USN or USAF before getting on with NASA and me because I so wanted Star Trek to come true and going to the moon was our first step.  

    I still have my Apollo scrapbook where I cut out newspaper articles about the different missions.  It's particularly full of Apollo 11 and 13.  I really started reading the newspaper and watching the news, listening to the radio news with 13, every scrap of info was both frightening and inspiring.  I always appreciated Ron Howard and Tom Hanks for telling the story so well to the Shuttle generation.  

    I've got Kranz's book "Failure is Not an Option," Collins' book "Carrying the Fire" and Lovell's book "Lost Moon."  All excellent reads.  

    I saw the Challenger happen, but we didn't know WHAT had happened - we were all looking out the window of our office building from the 36th floor in Miami - it was such a clear cloudless day, we saw the trail and then this weird white cloud, but it wasn't a cloud.  Somebody ran to the lunchroom and turned on the TV to see what was happening.  I left work to go pick up my son at kindergarten - they were all watching on TV because a teacher was on board.  He was so upset - it is still one of his most vivid memories - like mine is JFK on 11/22/63....

    I was getting ready to go to an HOA thing when the news broke about Columbia.  I couldn't believe it and neither could anybody else when I got to the meeting.  One of the homeowners brought a radio so we could listen while we handed out gate access devices to 535 neighbors - people came to pick up clickers and ended up staying - sort of an impromptu vigil.  We were so shocked - they were almost home....

    Thank you for remembering and writing this diary, I appreciate it very much!  

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    by Ricochet67 on Sun Jan 27, 2013 at 05:42:50 PM PST

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