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View Diary: The retreat away from the US coastline is beginning (243 comments)

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  •  Those are wetlands and should not be developed (13+ / 0-)

    When a huricane parks inland and "all the inland rivers, streams and creeks go crazy", that is how nature is supposed to work.  That is how wetlands get recharged, how lakes are refilled, how new lakes are created.

    It is because of our suburban sprawl that has paved over so much of the land that we now consider this flooding to be a disaster instead of a life producing miracle of nature.  Huricane remnants are only dangers to those who have paved over wetlands and built in floodplaines.  We have made flooding so much worse and destructive, by our own hands.

    Wetlands and floodplains should also be abandoned by development and returned to nature or farmland.

    I actually cheer flooding in Chicagoland, because every time a McMansion floods the Forest Preserve gets 5 more acres of land for everyone to enjoy.  And then the flooding risk is less for everyone.

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