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View Diary: The retreat away from the US coastline is beginning (243 comments)

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  •  Moving people back and creating public lands (7+ / 0-)

    along the coast would do so many good things. If we could actually pull this off, I'm not going to worry that some coastal property owner somewhere might be making a buck off this deal, because there are so many long term benefits:

    It would create a buffer area (as barrier islands do if you leave them alone and don't build on them) to absorb the force of storms.

    Taxpayers wouldn't have to pay for costs of rebuilding after the next storm.

    The shoreline would be accessible to the public (between storms). I grew up in California and was appalled when I came east and found how restricted public access is to the Great Lakes and Atlantic coast. No one should be allowed to own the shore. (It keeps moving, anyway.)

    Coastal wetlands and dunes could regenerate, with many environmental benefits. This would probably reduce run-off and pollution going from land to ocean, also.

    It would be sad to see the end of some of the close-knit working class communities that were hit by the storm. But I think they're doomed anyway--they're going to fall, either to developers building for the wealthy, or to rising waters.

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