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    Central Ohio spent over a week without power when the remnants of Hurricane Ike went through. Any hurricane that strikes the Gulf Coast can (and often does) come up river or along the mountains and eventually arrives in the Midwest. If we're lucky all we get is rain and some flash flooding.

    This summer the Upper Midwest sent us a lovely derecho, which meant another week without power in 100F+ weather.

    Take a look at "lake effect snow" -- the areas this occurs in are the areas buffered. Does not do a damn thing for those of us three hours drive south.

    Most of the Midwest is in damage range of the New Madrid Fault. And few, if any, of our buildings are built to withstand earthquakes.

    Ask anyone from the Cleveland area how much they liked Sandy's visit...

    And then there's your common garden variety tornado, or the occasional blizzard. We have natural disasters here -- usually smaller scale than elsewhere...but we're a long, long way from immune.

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