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    the States in the Confederacy and those of the modern day who "long" for the South to have "Won"  is that had they won a Treaty to Secede and been allowed to be a separate  Nation it would have become ether a true Tyranny as The Government of Richmond in the Name of The Confederacy suppressed States Rights till the States were Severn in Name only or States would have began wars with other States causing the Confederacy to collapse and then other True World Powers of the late 1800's plus Mexico would have Allied themselves with various Ex-Confederacy Nation-States in those wars till in the end those lands would have been just another part of the Colonial Empires that began WW1 now how the Industrial Based Westward Expanding United States would have fared with the Conflicts,Wars,Mexican Reconquest and European Conquest of the Defunct Confederacy I wouldn't really hazard a guess but I think the Northern/Western US Government would grow it's ties to the British Empire to the point that British Empire Canada and it would be one huge Block of Allied Power,but no-matter-what the Old South would have ceased to exist before 1800's turned into 1900's.

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