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View Diary: Paul Ryan says health care drives the deficit, attacks President Obama for saying the same thing (14 comments)

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  •  To be fair, he's had a bad last few months (5+ / 0-)

    First Biden kicks him around like a soccer ball in the Veep debate, then he loses the election (and apparently he was as stunned as Mitt that they failed), then he's forced to vote for higher taxes on his precious "job creators" (he must have visions of Ayn Rand's angry sprit appearing to him at night wailing "TRAITOR!") and then Obama calls out and puts down his whole worldview in the inauguration speech when he's right there watching it. It's been rough.

    Normally, I would be sympathetic if he's acting out. Then I remember that it's the Ayn Rand Humper and I say "Fuck it, he's a lying little  asshole."

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