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  •  small quibble; any preacher, except for a few (9+ / 0-)

    dynastic types such as the Falwells, Kennedys and Roberts, will tell you they only serve a specific church at the pleasure of its congregation.  Therefore, should a minister be offensive (such as a recent one who not only had mistresses among his congregation but also admitted fathering a child with a mistress but was retained by the congregation) the fault lies as much with the congregation as with the preacher.

    Also a small note that a certain group of preachers have decided to "oppose" the government by openly endorsing specific candidates from the pulpit.  They pulled this stunt last Oct, I think, with the lie that the IRS would pull them from the pulpit in handcuffs. When this did not happen, they declared the government is scared of them.  These preachers have Obama Disrangement Syndrome.

    Finally an addendum on flags to our patriotic RW brethren, flags should be taken down during inclement weather and, when it becomes faded and tattered, taken down, folded properly (and how many can do that?) and then honorably retired (perhaps by arranging to have local American Legion or VFW or Boy Scouts destroy it by burning)  

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