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View Diary: Icesave: Today Iceland Learns Whether It Gambled Right On Refusing A Repayment Deal With The British (177 comments)

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  •  and then they insulted you on top of it! (0+ / 0-)

    thing is, unless I'm misinterpreting here, you don't have the same crooked bankers continuing the same crooked and irresponsible practices and continuing to loot the public purse to pay for it. Therefore your austerity may not be a permanent condition. You could work your way out of it.

    That's the difference between austerity as a remedy (which I don't believe in, but that's not the point here) and austerity as an ideological excuse for allowing the richest people on earth to suck the blood out of your veins as "the new normal."

    if necessary for years; if necessary, alone

    by SouthernLiberalinMD on Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 07:31:30 AM PST

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