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  •  After my husband's extended hospitalization, I can (17+ / 0-)

    offer a few suggestions -

    Find out where they keep spare towels, etc., and where the drinking water/ice is.  That way you can take care of Leave's basic needs quickly and easily, without bugging the staff.  They will appreciate it, and it will also let them know that if you're buzzing them it's something bigger.

    Keep a notepad on the nightstand, and anytime a question for the doctors pops into your head, write it down.  During their brief visits, it's hard to remember everything you want to ask, especially if some of the answers get long and complex.  If it's written down, you won't miss anything.  

    I am hoping she is able to get home much faster than hubby did, but since it looks like you may have a few weeks of this, then it's good that you're already finding your way around.

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