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View Diary: Reports: Timbuktu Manuscripts Threatened By Mali Insurgents; Some Saved (221 comments)

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  •  That's not up to us. (0+ / 0-)

    If another country is facing civil war, that is their responsibility unless they request intervention. Neither our country nor any other can decide the fate of an individual nation.

     Japan was also a unique example. It's a homogenous developed nation that had democratic precedents prior to World War II. The occupation wasn't entirely "pro-democratic" either, as even to this day the United States backs the conservative Liberal Democratic Party, which has gone out of its way to stifle multi-party democracy in Japan. I used to live there, I would know.

     I think maybe you've watched too many World War II documentaries and have a romanticist view of military intervention and war, especially when it's done by the United States.

     If you insist on launching wars of aggression against other countries in the name of power projection, then like I said before I hope you enlist and do some of the fighting yourself, otherwise you're just another armchair soldier who treats war like a fantasy sport.

    •  er...did Mali NOT request French intervention? (1+ / 0-)
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      From what I understand, they did....

      I have absolutely zero 'romanticist view of military intervention and war', thank you--

      none.  I'm not as knee-jerk anti-imperialist as some people I occasionally see who come into discussions with pre-defined narratives (this usually happens in the Syria diaries--although the person who elicits them is extremely pro-interventionist and biased, so he draws them out)

      I  think you're misinterpreting my comments.

    •  and who is insisting on 'launching wars of (0+ / 0-)

      aggression in the name of power projection'?

      you seem to have a lot of pre-conceived notions about where I"m coming from that are flat out wrong...

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