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  •  That grave monument is so sad. (6+ / 0-)

    How do parents survive that without losing their minds?  After the shock of losing the first two or three, does one become numb to it?  I know these things were more common years ago, but still, that's a lot to lose in so short of a time span.

    I have a similar story with one of my ancestors in Germany.  It happened during the height of the famine that occurred in the Eifel region during the 1830s and 40s.  Ten children, only 2 survived past age 13.

    Theodore 1824-1882
    Johann 1826-1839
    Franz 1828-1836
    Katharina 1831-1843
    Jacob 1834-1834
    Lucy 1835-1875
    Anna Margaretha 1837-1837
    Johann 1839-1839
    Elisabetha 1841-1845
    Lucia 1844-1845

    The mother Maria Magdalena Schmal 1801-1845
    The father Johann 1791-1848

    The two surviving children, Theodore and Lucy, came to America, Lucy in 1857 and Theodore in 1864.

    Theodore never married.  Lucy was my g-g-grandmother and had 10 children before dying shortly after giving birth to her last in 1875.

    P.S.  Love your Grandparent's photos - and how the hell does she look so good after just giving birth to twins??  I looked like hell after giving birth to just one kid at a time!

    •  Ouch (5+ / 0-)

      That's a tough one. Eight of ten before thirteen. The parents didn't live too long after all that. She was still having kids well into her 40s, it seems.

      My grandmother was pretty young, about 23, when the twins were born.

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    •  Lots of infant mortality in the old days (0+ / 0-)

      Here's a list of Jon Larsen's children from my family tree (from Norway) from the 1760s to 1780s -- incidentally about the time of the American Revolution. They're all either Jonsen or Jonsdatter because their father was Jon. Only a few kids survived. My ancestor is #6 (Hans). Sometimes when a child died, they would use the name again (which is why #4 and #5 are both named Maren).

      i.    Fredrik Jonsen     1764 – 1833
      ii.    Lars Jonsen         1766 – 1823
      iii.    Berit Jonsd.         1769 – 1770 (died as infant)
      iv.    Maren Jonsd.       1769 – 1770 (died as infant)
      v.    Maren Jonsd.        1771 – 1771 (died as infant)
      vi.    Hans Jonsen Ryggen 1772 – 1850
      vii.    John Jonsen         1775 – ?
      viii.    Jakob Jonsen       1778 – 1779 (died as infant)
      ix.    Marte Jonsd.         1778 – 1779 (died as infant)

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