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View Diary: What nobody is addressing about the Electoral Vote-rigging scheme (180 comments)

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    The location of where the EVs would come from would change, so that instead of winning 10 states by a hair, a candidate would have to go further afield.  It would be very close, in fact, ideally identical, to NPV, but the location of the votes would change I would think.  A dem would need to campaign in urban Indiana to make up for the loss of parts of upstate New York for example.  I can see dsuch a system helping the winner take all problems.  I can also see such a system hurting progressivism though.  Afterall, making Louisville or Oklahoma City competative might lead to a pretty big dixiecrat comeback.

    Most people say that what some people say is pretty stupid.

    by nullspace on Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 07:14:55 AM PST

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