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  •  SOME Democrats are fine with it (0+ / 0-)

    because, while population density does work a bit against Democrats, fair redistricting usually benefits them in the end. In Ohio, Democrats are totally behind an independent citizens commission, and were joined by the Greens, Libertarians and other small parties. It was defeated at the ballot in November because of Republican lies and big corporate money backing Republican water carriers.

    The only Democrats who have opposed it in Ohio have been those with really limited local visions, like former Cuyahoga County commissioner Jimmy Dimora, now on his way to prison, and those who narrow self-interest rejects an larger benefits, such as traitor Dennis Kucinich, who completely lost me when he supported the radical GOP gerrymander of Ohio because it personally benefited him, he thought. (I rejoiced when he turned out to be wrong, and my friends over on the west side of this county got better representation).

    The GOP plan now is to propose their own "reform," which involves expanding the apportionment board with MORE politicians and requiring a certain amount of minority buy-in. This weak plan WOULD lead to what you describe: horse trading to protect incumbents.

    Jon Husted is a dick.

    by anastasia p on Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 10:04:40 AM PST

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