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View Diary: Ted 'Calgary' Cruz attacks decorated Vietnam veterans John Kerry and Chuck Hagel as anti-military (134 comments)

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    ...but I bet the list of non-military Democrats is just as long, which is to say I don't think military service or the lack of it is sufficient to legitimize or de-legitimize someone's views on military and/or national security issues. What is troublesome to me is the tendency for those who would spend lavishly and thoughtlessly on the military to deride those who object as anti-military or cowardly or unpatriotic or traitorous. Not only that, but the people who want to give all to the military and don't want to give anything to anyone but the richest are the ones who truly endanger our security and future. We need healthy, well-fed, and well-educated people to be secure. Remember what a farce it was when England sent scraggly, unhealthy, and undernourished troops to fight the Germans? And won't those who actually fight the battles be able to do their jobs better if they know that their families will be taken care of while they are away and if they don't ever make it home? Throwing money into the black hole that is the U.S. military/industrial complex does nothing except fatten the banks in Switzerland, the Caymans, and Tonga. Remember Afghanistan and Iraq when we sent our troops in with insufficient equipment while the Pentagon brass and the corporate big-wigs were swilling the best scotch and trolling the most expensive and exclusive escort web sites?

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