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View Diary: Stop saying Republican electoral-vote rigging is constitutional. It's not. Here's why. (193 comments)

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  •  That's for the core holding re: county-specific (1+ / 0-)
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    Anne Elk

    standards.  The part I'm citing is in the background section, citing well-established 1960s Warren Court decisions.  And I cite those background cases, too.

    There is 0% chance that the Supreme Court will hold that the Constitutional provision allowing states to decide how to appoint electors is completely immune to the rest of the constitution.  That's a fallacy, and it is not one that any Democrat should just accept at face value.  

    Bottom line, if the state says "the people can vote for President," then the voting methods have to comport with Equal Protection.  If you want to argue with the after-the-jump stuff, that these plans do not unconstitutionally dilute voting rights, then fine.  But before the jump is about as unambiguous as the law's going to get.

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