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View Diary: How much longer can the Austerians and their puppets go on with their failed policies and lies? (125 comments)

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  •  Private BANKING is a free society's foundation!? (4+ / 0-)

    Thanks for clarifying where you're coming from.

    I'd agree that lately the US and Europe seem to be converging on that principle, which I'd characterize as "one dollar, one vote."  However, that's not the society I want to live in.  I kinda prefer the more traditional "one person, one vote."

    An "independent" banking system is only independent of democratic control.  It reflects the wishes of economic technocrats who are anything but independent.  Though they may clothe their policies in elegant (but patently oversimplified) theory, they are merely hired guns who quite effectively promote the interests of the kleptocrats whose money they're hired to protect.  How can such a system possibly reflect the interests of the broader society -- unless, of course, you believe that only the wealthy have legitimate economic interests?

    PS 1: I speak as a retired professional who is dependent upon the long-term value my savings and investments, so you can bet your bottom dollar I'm keenly aware of the danger of inflation.  But I'm also aware of the danger of a large class of fellow citizens who have no security, no future, and nothing to lose.  The US got lucky last time with FDR; depression didn't work out quite so well for Germany, and it might not for us this time, either.

    PS 2: Despite our essentially religious disagreement, I've always been amused by your username.  Thanks for the chuckles.

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