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  •  I'm in Vegas and just while ago, I was (1+ / 0-)
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    picking up lunch and this is what I heard for the mid day news report over the radio in the restaurant I had stopped in to pick up lunch,

    "President Obama is here in Vegas this afternoon, to give support for a new push for immigration reform that could possibly give 11 million undocumented workers a path to citizenship.  The proposal was unveiled yesterday by Senator Rubio and other co sponsors and the President will open a conversation to support Senator Rubio's plan and to discuss other details on immigration reform. Senator Rubio has worked to create a plan......blah blah blah"

    WHAT??  Did I fall asleep and wake up to hear that the President is going on a tour to support Rubio's idea??

    The President is opening discussion for his own plans, not anyone else's!!  

    I was so livid!

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