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  •  ..."yet this site just goes to show how ... (0+ / 0-)

    "imagination" can grow into something powerful and real."

    True, but for me the scary part is that this goes both ways, it can grow powerful and "really bad" or it can grow powerful and "do some good".

    It's the power that is "scary" as it can be so (even unconsciously) manipulative and I doubt that on the long run it's not very dangerous. I think it is. The invisible power of the imaginary community is managed and used for a purpose. But because of the invisibility the purpose is not factually verifiable. You have just the option to believe that what is said is what is real. Just to make an example, in real life, very few people would have "fallen" for "The Newphew". Yet it has absorbed and used the emotions of the readers online in ways that are abusive and manipulative.

    I am for real life community, at least I feel a bit better about whom I am talking to and when to remain silent.

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