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View Diary: Pro-Gun Activists Heckle Newtown Dad (32 comments)

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    The public are invited to audit, they are not being asked to render comment themselves, that is the nature of a public hearing. It's just disrespectful. Especially to a survivor of a tragic loss.
    Gallery comments are never welcome, be it a legislative session or hearing, court testimony, or public debate on a referendum.

    Those who comment from the gallery at a public hearing, are often escorted from the room, or given an opportunity to be put on the list of speakers or witnesses.
    In Court, obviously this does not apply, and your disruption will find you in both Contempt and custody.

    Where I disagree.  Each citizen has a tragic loss of some form.
    It's the nature of life.  I've a friend who lost a child younger than the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School to cerebral meningitis.  Suzanne's a grieving parent.

    Should she be on the list of witnesses, due to shared parental grief?
    Is not her child's sudden and tragic death equal to that of a Sandy Hook parent?

    Grief and tragic loss, doesn't give special dispensation to a witness.  Compassion however is due, and I believe The Chair was correct, morally and ethically.

    Contrary opinions belong on the list of witnesses, not as heckles from the gallery.

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