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View Diary: Why Hillary Clinton will not be the first female President (200 comments)

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    pistolSO, VClib

    Dukakis was the front-runner from day one in 1987-88; he had the big money largely locked up.  Or did I read What It Takes for nothing?

    Clinton, in 1992, had all the DLC hype.  He was hardly obscure.

    Also, 2000: Gore did get nominated ahead of Bradley, right? And who was our nominee in 2004 -- the establishment guy, or the insurgent from a tiny state?

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      Sparhawk, aargh, wu ming

      but was Dukakis the front runner in 1985?  Ther diarist is talking about three years out.  Gary Hart was the frontrunner until the Donna Rice affair in 1987.  What about Clinton in 1989 (not 1991...1989) -- he'd just come off a speech at the DNC which so bored his audience to tears, pundits were saying his presidential chances were shot. 2004? In 2001, Gore was regarded as the nominee if he wanted it, especially since Democrats did not regard him as having "lost", but rather having had his victory stolen from him.  It was not until Gore said he would not run in December, 2002 that Kerry moved to the front of the pack.

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