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View Diary: New study: pooties kill billions of birds a year. Let's keep them indoors. (148 comments)

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  •  A leash is an opportunity to spend time with your (5+ / 0-)

    cat in a way that benefits you and the cat, and doesn't harm the birds. We discovered that our cat was OCD (not a surprise, as I am as well) and followed a very proscribed path day after day. It was an opportunity for bonding, I suppose and Percy definitely enjoyed it.

    It's a simple solution to a simple problem.

    •  My TN cat enjoyed walking on a leash but (0+ / 0-)

      the fleas were so bad we had to stop. Our apt in Fort Wayne is on the second floor (and I'm old) so it's more of a chore. My cats were never, ever allowed out unless on a leash. Our first cats enjoyed just being on a leash hooked on a fence. Fleas didn't seem to be a problem in IN yards!!

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