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  •  It's a horrible happening, but remember this man (7+ / 0-)

    has a right to a defense for his actions.  How this will end is
    not clear.  Thanks for telling it and no, Vietnam vets are not all unbalanced, but they as others at that time went through alot in the country.  And the age thing, let go of that, you are not some silly steriotype of a man and veteran.  You sound like a man of  great sensitivity.  Your experiences have made that man and he sounds honest, true and proud to me.  I am your peer group and I know what I'm talking about and I'm a bit older than you, so I'm pulling rank.  Good luck.  

    •  Yes the shooter has a legal right to "a defense" (4+ / 0-)
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      blueoasis, Kevskos, DaNang65, sethtriggs

      --- and none of us were there when it happened --- but it certainly is difficult for me to see any justification for this senseless killing.

      Or for any of the other shootings that happened today across the USA.

      Heaven help us.

      •  The reason his excuse does not hold water (1+ / 0-)
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        DaNang saw combat, Jason just mentioned he has ptsd, my husband has extreme pts, but I tell you true, if someone had pulled in our yard and that has happened more than once, my husband would be friendly as ask them if they were lost or could he help...even on a really bad day.  He would have asked if they were lost or were havin car trouble and then call me out there to give directions .  Now my husband on his worst day would not attack this couple for being in the yard.  He would probably ask them in, in fact.  

        I know of too many vets with ptsd and my daddy has alzheimers so that doesn't cut it either.  

        This person vet or not had no business owning a weapon.

        We the People have to make a difference and the Change.....Just do it ! Be part of helping us build a veteran community online. United Veterans of America

        by Vetwife on Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 04:42:45 AM PST

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    •  He absolutely has a right to a defense. (1+ / 0-)
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      But if what we read above is true, it sounds to me like the best he can hope for is a judgment that he was impaired and not responsible for his actions.

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