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View Diary: While nobody was watching, Sheriff Arpaio's birther investigation rolled on. RECALL UPATE (95 comments)

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  •  I am really... (8+ / 0-)

    ..getting tired of coming here everyday & reading about all the fucking stupidity coming out of Arizona.

    Monday I came across this jewel...

    I could go back in the Daily Kos archives & dig up enough Arizona-related trash to fill the Grand Canyon.

    For all you constantly bitching about the "Old Confederacy" being the epicenter of political ignorance in this country, Arizona is 10 times more destructive to this country than all the Old Confederacy states combined.  

    What with your McCain, Brewer, open air assassination attempts, Paper Please laws, teabaggers, your insane sherriff, racists, secessionists, loud-mouthed elimination rhetoric nuts, braggadocious persecution of Latinos...the list is endless.  

    If a Deep South state dared to commit the atrocities Arizona commits on a daily basis, congress would agree to send federal marshalls into that state with orders to get shit under control.

    It's beyond the pale that the other 49 states in the Union are forced to constantly endure the unabashed bullshit that emanates from Arizona on an hourly basis.

    And for any Arizona Kossacks who will now chime in & claim "we are trying our best," well, your best is not good enough.  Not by a longshot.


    I'm worse at what I do best/ And for this gift I feel blessed. - Kurt Cobain

    by wyvern on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 08:18:52 AM PST

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