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  •  Not mixing the man with the fiction but an actor (3+ / 0-)
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    who does play a ladies man on screen would likely be even more wary of being outed as gay, fearing more damage to his career. A less believable character.
    It is a fear that you'll be less acceptable in romantic scenes with opposite sex then or in "manly" roles...
    which seemed odd to me since they are acting after all. Do we need to believe that bad guys are really bad or super heroes really can fly?

    But I recall my mom being crushed on learning some famous actor was gay (Rock Hudson I think) after he died.  It surprised me because she was ahead of her time in being accepting of people's lifestyle, made no difference in how she saw them.
    But this was different, she'd had a crush on him, found him so (romantic? sexy? well words like that) in movies. Later she was glad she hadn't known earlier because it would have ruined watching the movies for her. Something like she couldn't have gotten into them the same way, they would be less believable.

    But Gomer Pyle? It would make no difference.

    Thanks for reminding me of his voice, I forgot that shockingly wonderful voice that came out of him

    •  My mother had the same crush .. (0+ / 0-)

      on Rock Hudson .. when she made us answer the phone for some reason, we were always to say..Mom can't come to the phone, she ran off with Rock Hudson...

      But one day, she came crying into my room and said that a friend of hers had been vacationing in Hollywood and had claimed to see Rock and Jim attending a movie together and holding hands ...she wasn't so upset at two men holding hands, as she was upset that it was Gomer Pyle which came on opposite her favorite show!

      I am glad Jim has found happiness .. and was able to publicly wed... I always felt so  sorry for Rock Hudson not being able to be who he really was ...

      Give your heart a real workout! Love your enemies!

      by moonbatlulu on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 07:33:08 PM PST

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