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View Diary: UPDATED - Tree Climbers: Leading Rabbi tells victim “Men Tur Nisht”-People must not tell tales (21 comments)

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    Roxine, marleycat

    it is history .... it is world events even now. If you think that the three religions I mentioned are the "source" of liberalism or the belief in the sanctity of life, then I guess you didn't read the texts.  You might want to explain that to the Egyptian children in the Passover story or those caught in the crossfire of land grabbing to form the nation of Israel. You might want to explain that to the victims of the Crusades or the children and pregnant women caught in the crossfire of Jihadism.   In fact, your statement has so small of a relationship to reality, I'm not sure I even needed to address it.

    In these communities that you feel should be shielded from the laws of the larger community of nations, just which "strong moral and ethical guidelines" are you referring to?  Is the rabbi depicted an example of them?

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