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View Diary: 'We pay the same for food, we pay the same for gas ... even though we're getting paid less' (21 comments)

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  •  For my Info any everyone else . (0+ / 0-)

    What are the key points of this bill/ loop holes that it will plug?

    Ill do by own digging but its nice to see facts and more specific "goals" in these front page blogs.

    •  It's sort of... (0+ / 0-)


      The Paycheck Fairness Act is premised on bad statistics.  

      Let's take a big software company.  You've got three major categories of employees in said company.  Management, clericals, and the actual developers.  In terms of compensation, the managers make the most, then the developers, and finally the clericals.

      In the management and clerical depts, you have gender parity, but the developers are predominately male simply because the overwhelming majority of software engineering graduates are male.  

      Now, the net result is a company that has more men then women.  So, when analyzing the relative compensation between the men and women, you correct for the gender imbalance.  

      But they don't correct for the difference in work being done.  All of these jobs will be lumped together as "software industry" and the women, being absent in the moderately paying development side, wind up with a low skewed average paycheck after correcting for the company's gender imbalance.

      When you actually compare gender pay by work done correcting for years employed, the gap vanishes.

      The only way the Paycheck Fairness Act can actually achieve its aims based on its backers myopic statistics is for women to be paid better than men in the jobs women actually work.

      •  Now... (0+ / 0-)

        The backers of this bill will insist that for the same job, women get a smaller check than men.

        But that's deceptive.  The statistics they're using are so zoomed out that when they say job they mean "which industry" not "which job title".  The STATISTICS they're using make no distinction between ceo and secretary and thus only make sense if there is gender parity across the entire company, which in many industries (such as software) is impossible.

        But that is never mentioned.  

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