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View Diary: Obama administration issues rules for individual mandate, America continues to exist (94 comments)

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  •  that's nice, but alas (3+ / 0-)
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    until about three years ago, I was poor and couldn't afford a visit to the doctor even if I needed it (broken bone or something). I have a gap in my jawbone right now because about ten years ago one of my wisdom teeth got infected, cracked, and the pieces fell out one at a time. I couldn't afford the oral surgeon to treat it.

    So what I should have done and what I could actually afford to do, were two entirely different things. And alas, self-righteous tut-tutting on someone else's part won't alter that.

    If we'd had a decent health care system like every other civilized country does, of course, then I could have gone to the doctor for routine checkups as well as needed medical treatments.

    But we didn't. So I couldn't. (shrug)

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